How to write an effective job posting to impress the virtual world

How to write an effective job posting to impress the virtual world

It’s not just an advert! It’s an incitement. Making it a piece of information presented in most efficient manner is a skill. The write up and effectiveness of the job posting decides whether you are going to attract mediocre candidates or the excellent ones. As a recruiter, if you want to attract top-talent in the industry, you must have to present your job opening in a very strategic manner.

There are many ways of making your job posting effective and informative at the same time. Strengthen your job posting with below given tips and increase the flow of quality candidates!

Speak to all your potential applicants through the most effective job advert! Craft a specific, catching message and attract the best talent in the industry!


Title offers multiple advantages. Inserting keywords in the title can help you in ranking and appropriate title words also encourage individuals to read the inside matter.

Use Keywords

Majority of candidates search internet using keywords, and Google will present them the most relevant results. So if you want to become most visible to the talent pool of the industry, use most appropriate keywords. A best job posting includes maximum possible keywords that a candidate may enter. The best place to find key-words is applicant’s resumes!

Make it look professional

Specific keyword-rich project description, clear list of job requirements, well-guided application steps, concrete timelines and deliverables stated in apt descriptions – If all these specifications are included, then automatically your job posting will look professional.

Keep a punchy description text

Start with an engaging paragraph. And use minimum six bullet points for describing key responsibilities. You must be looking for a ‘stand out’ write up, fair enough! But too many exclamatory marks and dollar signs may make look it look weird. Use compelling phrases like “passionate believer in……” or “fearless critical thinker….”  If you are looking for excellence, you must advertise in an excellent way.

Don’t forget to add these details

Salary range, job location, required qualification and challenges are the ‘must’ points! Also bookish phrases may leave the candidates confused. Phrases like “An Ideal Applicant” or “A successful candidate”, can de-motivate them, they will keep on thinking whether they really fit in the role or not. But use statements like “Coming from a strong marketing background, you will be expected to…..”

How about a Video?

We are living in the world of ‘browsers’ and not ‘readers’. On-line surfers browse the adverts; they don’t read line-by-line texts. In these you can even think about a video posting.


Let one of your colleague walk through your recruitment advert. Before that, check each line for spelling and grammatical mistakes. A single mistake can spoil your company’s image.

Let your legal advisor have a look, before you post it

Last but not the least! A legally correct matter is a must when you are publishing it on a public platform. Make sure you are communicating your requirements without any prejudice or discrimination.

Are you ready with an excellent job posting? Fire it on maximum possible social platforms and get a perfect match for your organisation!