What employers are saying

What employers are saying

The good news? Only 14 percent of employers plan to increase headcount in the next three months. The bad news? Another 14 percent plan to reduce headcount. The goodA andA bad news? 64 percent of employers expect no change in headcount. Translation: This group isn’t planning on layoffs, but they aren’t planning on hiring, either. They are taking a wait and see approach.

Matt FergusonA said: “We’ll be looking for the market to stabilize over the next three to six months, when you’ll hopefully see job losses below 100,000 and eventually closer to zero. Employers want to hold on to their talent and are taking measures to contain costs and bring in new revenue streams, so they can maintain their staff levels.”

The survey found six employment trends during this second quarter.

Employers are …

  • Trimming perks and benefits:A 31 percent of employers expect there will be cuts in benefits and perks including bonuses, 401(k) matching and healthcare coverage
  • Upgrading talent rosters:A 23 percent of employers are using this time, when hiring has slowed, to replace lower-performing employees with new talent.

Workers are …

  • Postponing retirement:A 60 percent ofA workers over the age of 60A are postponing retirement due to the impact of the financial crisis on their long-term savings.
  • Transferring skills:A 71 percent of workers who were laid off and have not found work areA looking for jobsA outside of their chosen profession.
  • Relocating:A 39 percent of workers who were laid off and have not found work are willing to relocate to find a job.
  • Going back to school:A 21 percent of all workers surveyed are goingA back to schoolA to become more marketable.