What does a Job skill set really mean?

What does a Job skill set really mean?

AA JobA skill setA has to do with the qualifications necessary to acquire a position with a company and the level of experience that you need in order to qualify.

As you work you acquire a skillset, and you should make a skillset inventory and work on developing skills that will help you to move up within an organization, industry or profession.

Your resume should highlight your skills and develop from your background the depth of your experience, with a focus on the direction you want to take in order to further your development.

Your skillset is best developed from the jobtasks that you perform on your jobs, and by reading what the requirements are for positions so that you use the same keywords throughout your resume. When you first start out from college you need to have at least an internship to address this with and other prior work experience. At first you may only have basic job skills, and that is to be expected.

An excellent set of work characteristics is a good norm or practice to start with such as:
self-starter, able to work independently, proven performance (examples from activities, clubs, or undertakings in school.) Look at other resumes to get ideas, available on the internet.

Here is an example from an earlier position that I had:
Supervised the General Ledger,
Accounts Payable, Billing/Accounts Receivable and Cost Accounting Functions (approximately 5 individuals.) Responsible for the complete plant closing process through to Financial Statements. Reported to the Controller. Assisted with Budget, Standard Costs and Physical Inventory.

It would be important to list the software applications used, for example, using Oracle ERP and advanced Excel skills.

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~Dawn Krovicka