What are skill sets?

What are skill sets?

Knowing what your skill set is can save a whole load of time, trouble and frustration. A Put simply, a skill is an ability to perform a particular task in a competent manner, they are often considered as single elements that may be related to a specific job or activity. A Therefore, a skill set is the combination of skills that you, in particular, have.

There are three mainA skill sets: transferable skills, knowledge based skills and personal attitude or aptitude based skills. A Being able to identify your skill set and then relate them to a specific requirement, makes it easy on both entrepreneurs and mentors as they won’t then struggle with something that is alien to them, instead they can work with their skills rather than against them.

Transferable skillsA are those that can be ‘applied’ in many different scenarios, for instance the ability to organise or analyse something isn’t only used in one particular job.

Knowledge-based skillsA relate to the knowledge and understanding needed to perform a particular task, such as how to complete a VAT return or how to use a social network. A These types of skills are the ones that are often obtained as a result of training.

Personal Attitudes and AptitudesA are those that areA innateA in a person, they often relate to things that can’t be quantified, such as honesty, judgement and time keeping.

ByA Linda Parkinson-Hardman