Unlock Your Assets

Unlock Your Assets

Unlock Your Assets.

The EresumeX team has the privilege of speaking to some of the country’s most committed recruiters.
It is refreshing to hear the stories of success from jobseekers who have worked with these professionals. They have the ability to “Unlock Your Assets,” preparing candidates for success. These recruiters have been genuinely concerned for their clients, not only for the businesses they represent but also for the jobseekers who have trusted their career path into their hands.

We have seen that there is also a direct correlation between successful recruiters and their clients and the way they network and share their knowledge with other recruiters.
[pullquote align=”left”]The more they collaborate and network the more they show their peers and clients that they know what it takes to fill the open positions with the right people.[/pullquote]

Now let’s look at the other end of the scale. There are recruiters who collect and collect and collect, yes and collect resumes in the hope that there is safety in numbers. They do fill positions for their clients or job lists that are placed across the web. But you know there is a lack of sincerity in what they do. Who are we to judge? Well we are EresumeX “The Resume Portal With EX Factor”. We are told by jobseekers and business clients that there is a lack of trust for recruiters such as this.
Don’t get us wrong we also know there are more excellent recruiters than there are poor. But those who don’t represent the industry in a good light give the best recruiters a bad name.

There is another side of recruiters who can unlock your assets. Recruiters around the country will have and in fact DO HAVE resumes that are lost in their outlook boxes or worse in a folder in the dark recesses of their hard drives. Those job seekers who have the benefit of being on the current flash drive are doing just fine. But the adage “Out of sight, Out of Mind!” is so true.
Unlock Your Assets - EresumeX "The Resume Portal With EX Factor"

Resume Management tools help unlock your assets. The EresumeX Resume Management Solution stands out above all other resume management tools because there is no cost across any element of the system. Recruiters can review up to 1500 resumes per month, they can posts jobs, they can review LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts even candidate video profiles on Youtube all from within the system. There are other resources too. But all of these tools are redundant if those hidden assets are kept locked up.

[pullquote align=”left”]Please take the time to zip up these resume assets and send them to info@eresumex.com.[/pullquote]

Network with 1000’s of other recruiters who are registering with the EresumeX Resume Management tool.
Collaborate and unlock your assets, unlock our assets that are waiting to be seen by other recruiters and their business clients around the country.

Oh one last thing — when we talk about unlocking your assets, there will be a little “twinge” that goes off inside you which sits on your shoulder and says, “No they are my assets, I collected them, they’re mine, all mine!!” When you feel this way “UNLOCK YOUR EGO!” they are not your assets they are people who want to move forward with their careers and they have entrusted you to represent them.

Please do the right thing and “Unlock Your Assets.

Sean Abley