Tweets; the new homework

Tweets; the new homework

Here at EresumeX we’ve trumpeted the usefulness of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter (hey—are you following us?). These sites are still part of the new frontier, so we’re all still making up the rules as we go. And we don’t know what sites will outlast others in the future. For example, if you were part of the online networking boom 5 years ago, I don’t think anyone realized Facebook would leave MySpace in the dust. At least, I didn’t.

Still, in some capacity, networking is now part of the job hunt and will be from now on in some capacity.

Of course, that also means people are capitalizing on the social media experience. Birmingham City University in the UK is now offering a class that teaches you how to be a good Facebooker and Tweeter, saysA The Business Insider.

One school in England is trying to entice students with a degree in social media. Yes, for A£4,000 ($5676) for one year, you can get a degree in Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, etc. from the Birmingham City University.

And,A as The Guardian reports, student critics are rebuking the degree offering on Twitter. How meta!

I’m not saying you should run out and get this degree, but it’s fun to see how traditional institutions are responding to an ever-evolving component of communication. It’s also interesting to see how the general public reacts toA theirA reactions and to see who guides the dialog. My bet’s on the Tweeters.