Technology Careers Demand Flexibility, Innovation

Technology Careers Demand Flexibility, Innovation

In the highly dynamic and constantly changing technology industry, job seekers must be always flexible and willing to adapt to new trends. Though technical skills and a level of efficiency are nearly always required, communication skills and creativity are valuable assets as well.

The technology industry is fast-pacedA andA constantly evolvingA with plenty of room forA young people. It isA home to many types of people- there are suave sellers and careful copywriters alongside stereotypical nerds building robots and playing video games. Whether in technology companies or within technology departments of other companies, jobs are available inA software programming, sales, marketing, management, technical consulting, and training.

Working in the technology industry means working on the cutting edge of innovation.A A With short project turnarounds, individuals must move quickly, think critically, and adapt rapidly to change.A Awide range of skills are needed toA complete any given task. Though technical prowess is a must, communication, teamwork, leadership, and (believe it or not)A socialA deftness are crucial to success. The fast-paced and energetic nature of technology firmsA alsoA putsA a high premium on youthful employees with time and energy to spare.

You have to get your work done, and done well, but in return many of the old-school rules of office behavior do not apply.A A In general, the atmosphere of a technology firm is more relaxed than that of a more traditional firm. The philosophy: jeans and foozeball breed creative thinking.

In nearly all cases, formal education is required to enter the industry.A A For most tech jobs, a four-year degree in a math or computer field is preferred over a two-year technical degree.A Increasingly, higher levels of education and training are expected of prospective employees, though you can get your foot in the door if you can prove you have the skills.

The highly dynamic nature of the technology industry has its drawbacks.A Jobs are not as stable as they are inA more establishedA industries, and manyA peopleA bounce between multiple firms over the course of their career.A A Fortunately, steady growthA makesA for numerous employment options, especially if youA A keep up to date with the industry’s trends.

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~Dawn Krovicka