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Coping with recession

The U.S. economic recovery hasn’t felt much like one even for people who managed to find new jobs after being laid off. Most of them have had to settle for less payrecession. Only 56 percent of Americans laid off from January 2009 through December 2011…

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Hiring and Pay Levels Projected to Remain Tepid

Since December 2007, approximately 6.9 million jobs have been lost in the United States. After months of stomach-turning fiscal activity, economists are being cautiously optimistic and employers, faced with a slowing decline in job losses, are tip-toeing carefully through the rest of the year. The…

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6 ways the job search has changed post recession

The recession changed a lot of things. It changed the way people spend money, the way they save for retirement, the way theyA investA in stocks. It’s also changed the way companies recruit employees. Gone are the days when companies courted prospective employees, hiring managers offered generous…

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The Recession May Be Over, But What About Unemployment?

The National Bureau of Economic Research hasA announced thatA the recession ended three years ago. When I read that, I thought there was a typo. “It endedA 3 years ago inA June? As in June 2009? Someone call the NBER, they’ve got this all wrong!” But, as it turns…

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Recession-proof ways to jumpstart your job search

There’s been more bad news about the economy lately, likeA the Department of Labor’s recent reports.A Initial filings of unemployment claimsA are at a 16-year high, at 542,000. It’s clear that getting a job is more challenging in this atmosphere. But jobs ARE still out there Recession. Here…

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Employers report highest increase in Q1 hiring since recession

Baseball season has finally kicked off,A but there is even better news to report for job seekers: Companies are returning to their pre-recession hiring levels, according toA latest nationwide survey. Thirty percent of employers plan to add new full-time, permanent staff through June, building on the momentum…

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