Stop Being A Victim!

Stop Being A Victim!

Stop Being A Victim!

Stop being a victim.

“The price of greatness is taking responsibility.”

Sir Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister. 1874 – 1965

There are a lot of unemployed people in the country. Businesses have closed. Prices have gone up. We have been caught in the middle of huge corporate downsizing. Yes, there are economic challenges that have never before been seen. But you have what it takes inside of you to overcome all of this.  You are not a VICTIM.

The victim mentality is, It’s not my fault! Of course it’s not your fault. But if you allow events such as these to take control of your life you will never reach your true potential.

[quote style=”1″]A definition of a Victim: Someone who has been harmed, injured, or killed as the result of a crime. Someone who has been affected by a bad situation; such as an accident or an illness. Someone who has suffered as a result of the actions or negative attitudes of someone else or of people in general. Someone that is badly affected by a situation, a decision etc.[/quote]

Let’s face it you’re not really a victim if you are unemployed. It really sucks. But you’re not a victim.

So why is this today’s blog topic?
Are you an individual that doesn’t accept failure; who doesn’t rest until they know they have done the best they could? Someone that has gone the extra mile? Someone who stays positive in the face of rejection? Someone who is realistic when they are not the right fit for the position they interviewed for? You are somebody who spends more time learning new skills, learning interview techniques, understanding the industry they are in. Being persistent when you have heard a hundred NO’s. If you fall into these roles you are not a victim of your circumstance. You are taking control of your life and you WILL find the right job you are looking for.

We salute you for your efforts. We thank you for being the example of what we should be when we are in the grip of unemployment. Thank you for not being a victim

EresumeX has been created for individuals who are taking charge of their position, they are being responsible for their situation and they are going to change it for the better. We know there will be significant challenges and that is why we are connecting you with the best professional recruiters in the country. They will represent you (if needed) so you can have an edge over the competition.

So that’s it – stop being a victim and be a champion