Enhance Your Job Search with Social Media

Enhance Your Job Search with Social Media

  Go the Social Way to Get Employed

It has been observed that a large number of job seekers are also considering social media platforms along with job portals. No doubt! It is a good idea to always choose a wider platform to look for employment where recruiters are equally active. The popular social media sites that attract most of the job seekers are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These social networks simplify the job hunting process along with offering varied job opportunities. Candidates who are active on social media always get sweet fruits. Utilizing social media for job search signifies that candidates are adept with the latest technology which helps them to build better connections with colleagues and expand their professional network. Each social media site has its own unique features that candidates can use to their advantage and get noticed by recruiters.

Following are certain common ways that will help you to optimize your job search on social media:

  • Most of the times candidate resumes are old or not updated properly. Ensure your social media profiles are always fresh with updated information, expertise and a picture. This complete profile will speak more than a resume.
  • Keep changing your employment status and show your contacts that you are actively looking for a new job. This might help you to get references in time.
  • Begin your own research using social media. Look for credible companies and hiring managers. Accordingly tweak your resume to suit their job requirement.
  • Follow companies based on your industry. This will keep you updated about their recent vacancies.
  • Add hyperlinks of your professional profiles when you share a post on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Follow career expert profiles to stay updated with recent tips and tricks for a successful job hunting.


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