Sincere Wishes To The People Of Newtown, CT

Sincere Wishes To The People Of Newtown, CT

Today we join with the millions of concerned families and individuals worldwide to extend our sincere compassion and well wishes during this awful moment of darkness that has swept across Newtown, CT.

Our words have no way of taking away the pain that so many are feeling right now in Newtown, but we do believe that by the universal powers that exist between mankind and their united faith that their prayers may bring some relief to your broken hearts.

This season of tragedy will pass by but we know the pain and challenges will be present for a long time to come.  We also know that the treasured memories of your dear loved ones who were taken so suddenly will stand as a testimony of the power of love and family life and we hope that even now when the hurting is so strong that you will be given the peace of knowing that our Nation is united with love and tender thoughts for you all.

May God Bless you and your dear ones.

Sincerely from the Management at Eresumex.

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