Scan Social Networking for Jobs for Free! Join ERESUMEX

Scan Social Networking for Jobs for Free! Join ERESUMEX

Stay online, Stay connected….is the current motto! We all are leading a dual life. This added virtual world completes our life.  Same as in real world, this virtual world also reflects the personality. Virtual presence silently talks about the real person. Social networking sites create an online image, which is as important as your resume.

Today, social media plays a major role in the screening process of the employers. It’s no more a time waster! Posting photographs and updating status may gift you a best job in the industry. A smart social media presence enhances the possibility of hiring, as 33% employers screens through social media presence of the candidate before finalizing their decision.

Social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow employer to get a glance of your nature outside the precincts of a cover letter or resume — At the same time they give an opportunity to the job seekers to learn about the company in which they are interested; Social media has become a best “background check”. Employers can cross check mostly all the facts stated on resume using this media.

As we all know, job placement process covers three “C’s” – Connect, communicate and collaborate. Social networking sites can connect you with many professionals as well as organizations almost instantaneously.

Though there are quite a lot sites available online here are few which are primely used.


Basically this site is known for connecting with people. But this can also be used to connect people in your field by engaging with industry-specific communities. If anyone feels uncomfortable to use the existing Facebook profile for joining community specific groups and participate in the discussions, I will advise you to creating a special, “public” profile which includes professional content.


Google+ account actually strengthen the impact of the original Google Profile and includes private, user-defined groups of contacts and social groups along with other social functions.


LinkedIn has over 90 million members worldwide. It is a business-oriented social networking site. Professional get connected online through this site. People from varied employment sectors get connected. Google search ranks linkedIn on top positions making it more searchable. Set perfect professional parameters and sell your skills effectively. Best part is it has a facility to mention a career goal as part of your profile.


With a bit of creative tint, one can start his/her own blog. This can be used as a part of your on line profile. Reflection of your own brain is what gets reflected in your blogs. Subjects you choose tells about your interest and content of the blog shows your knowledge.

EresumeX portraits all the relevant jobs present in the industry for all the jobseekers. Get connected with your interest using this portal and enhance the possibility of getting into your dream job. It’s a platform for all; the employers can also see the free resume database and get the best candidate on roll.  Job Searching and Job Posting made easy!