7 things to avoid in recruitment solutions

7 things to avoid in recruitment solutions

Recruitment solutions is one of the most important tasks to be carried out by the HR department, and it’s bit tricky too. The selection of the right candidate is necessary for the future progress of the organization. Choosing a wrong candidate may bring out a big loss for the organization. Similarly, good candidates may be missed out due to the mistakes in recruiting process. That’s why, many employers are worried about recruitment mistakes and understandably, they tend to take the help of professional recruitment consultancies to achieve the best results. However, there are certain solutions to avoid recruitment mistakes.

Below given are seven important things to avoid in recruitment solutions.

  1. The first thing to avoid is providing incorrect job description. Job description should meet to a true reflection of requirements. Otherwise, it won’t be able to attract the right caliber of the candidates. It becomes a difficult task to sort through unqualified applicants. The job description should be provided in such a way that it should give details of necessary skills and qualification required for that particular task. The major pattern of job description should include job title, work location, experience and skills, salary range and schedule and any other duties assigned.


  1. Some recruiters fail to move quickly through the recruitment process. Once it is confirm to hire the employees, the organization should immediately plan for further process and take quick decisions. If the process is delayed, there is a risk of losing the best candidates.


  1. One more important thing to avoid is to rely on email. When you need to contact the candidates, it is always better to call the person, rather than to contact through mails. Making a call is the most efficient method to reach the people.


  1. When you are looking for the best candidate, low ball offers should be avoided. The fact is that deserving candidates know their own worth and low offers make them to lose interest. Even if, higher offers are given later on, the candidates may not return to that process. Therefore, the recruiters should ensure about salary parameters before the hiring process is started. Decreasing the salary banding after the candidates are involved in the process may result in spoiling credibility of that organization.


  1. In many organizations, hiring managers tend to focus on the previous experience of the candidate and neglect his capability. This not necessarily always gives the best outcome. In case of short term contract, previous experience matching to the job requirement can be focused. But, looking forward to longer term hiring, the organization need to concentrate on skills and capabilities of the candidate. It brings out the most perfect candidate for your organization.


  1. Many hiring managers make a mistake to carry out the recruitment process as a part of routine work. However, it should be handled as a two-way street. Before you market your company in an interview, you need to spend quality time with the candidates to understand their career aspirations and culture fitment. It will help the candidates to build the confidence that they will surely benefit from joining the organization.


  1. The last important point is to provide feedback to the candidates, who have been involved in total process. The employers should be impersonal and non-specific, to send out rejections. The recruiters should offer a detailed feedback to the rejected candidates, which will portray transparency and honesty in the recruitment and selection process. It shows your genuine concern towards the candidates, who invested their time in interview process.


Once the right candidate is selected from the process, the last step is to offer the positions. At this stage, the recruiter should focus on selection criteria and check if candidate’s skills match to them. Once all is done well, one more employee is ready with bright future.

We Hope above Tips for recruitment solutions will help you lot.