The Changing Recruitment Trends in Industry – Recruitment Management Solutions

The Changing Recruitment Trends in Industry – Recruitment Management Solutions

They always say, ‘change is the only constant thing in the world’! Perfect, isn’t it? Recruitment industry is also not an exception. With changing education pattern and work environment, the Recruitment Management Solutions are also evolving enormously.

Recruitment Management requires a blend of multiple streams. One must apply all the skills of HR, sales and marketing at once. As recruiters has to attract right candidates, shortlist one and sell them to the employer. A company is a reflection of its employees.

Recruiting new talent is an investment. If you get a right match then you are on the winning side but what if it goes wrong? There are certain set trends followed in the recruitment management solutions. For fresher they check the educational background, grades, any relevant training program or training course that the candidate have finished. Normally depending on these factors few resumes are shortlisted. And the candidates are called for personal interview.  And for experienced candidates, they choose on the basis of previous records. But all these are the traditional trends.

As all the pros can sense, the year 2016 experienced a shift of power from the recruiter to the candidates. There are already key skill shortages in the industry. Specialized and focused study programs are very rear in the educational sector; as a result we have general talent available in bulk. And a considerable shortage for key skills! According to a report there is a much nuanced on-field scenario of talent acquisition. Attracting and retaining top talent will become a challenge for employers.

Trend of branding: As everywhere in the market, the recruitment market will also become keen on brand name. Quality candidates being in the driving seat will choose only the known brands for job applications. According to experts today’s job seekers are very sophisticated job shoppers. If they can’t find much information about the company online, they may not bother to apply!

Connectivity: In this virtual world most of us are already interconnected. There is a 80% possibility that your future recruit is already connected with your company name. Recruitment firms use this data to nail down the correct one for you!

Video – the ‘must-have’ tool in the recruiter’s tool box: Video has become the most vital part of the recruitment management solutions. Visual content has a great click-through rate in the social media sites. Also video interviewing saves time and money with better results.

Utilization of Talent Analytics will increase: Thanks to cloud! Large amount of data can be stored and analysed with higher speed using cloud technology. Organisations are now storing data in complex ways. And HRs will have to analyse talent data in order to find their ‘perfect match’.

Workplace diversity: According to Glassdoor survey 67% of job seekers said, while considering job offers, diversity is one of the most important factors considered by them.

While the market trends continue to change with this on-line era, there are few basics that HR can never ignore. Organisations seeking for technology solutions, must have clear idea about, what they are looking for and why?  With the help of latest tools and resources, they must move beyond resumes!