Practical Recruitment Advice for Startup Firms

Practical Recruitment Advice for Startup Firms

 Hire the Best Warriors to Beat the Industry Competition

 Hiring right candidates is a challenge for young companies. It takes a lot of efforts to shortlist the first team of employees who have a blend of right skills and experience to drive your new company to the next level. Recruitment for startups is challenging as there are few limitations when a new business is launched. One of the limitations being less budget for the recruitment process. During such times, analyze the candidates wisely and don’t commit a mistake by hiring those candidates who are affordable but are under qualified for the job.

Here are few practical tips that you can adopt as a startup and succeed in hiring a team of promising candidates:

  • Choose the right platforms to announce your vacancy. Avoid registering on every free job portal.
  • Mention about recent job openings on your company website. Your own company website is an easy source to receive job applications.
  • Create an original job description to stand out from the redundant job postings that mostly contain similar copy pasted content. Original job descriptions will surely attract job seekers.
  • Seek employees who are passionate for work and will not mind stretching for long hours during initial months of the launch.
  • Be transparent while appointing a new team member. As a start up firm, clear your current expectations and also mention how the responsibilities will evolve as the firm progresses.
  • Don’t stick to a set pattern while interrogating a candidate. Keep the interview process natural and flexible. This will generate satisfactory responses from the candidates.

Prioritize your recruiting strategy. Appoint potential candidates. Make them feel confident about their role as soon as they are onboard. Long term employees build brands. Ensure you hire candidates that are worth your time and money.

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