Reasons Why You Did Not Get A Job

Reasons Why You Didn’t Get a Job

Why Do Good Candidates Fail in Hitting the Right Job?

Your resume gets shortlisted, you get an interview call and you also pass the telephonic interview. Now the last and important step is the face to face interview where candidates feel that half of their battle is won now it’s only about closing the deal personally. However, it’s not as easy as it may appear. You may feel confident after giving a round of personal interview but there are no confirmation calls or mails. This is an unexpected rejection which will force you to wonder where you went wrong! Following are certain instances that will give you an overview of what are the issues that you need to fix while applying for jobs and handling recruiter responses:

  • Never turn up late for interviews as this will leave a bad impression on recruiters. They might assume you are not serious about the given position. Also, turning up way too early for interviews can annoy the interviewers as well.
  • Remember recruiters are hiring you to build a healthy team. Hence, your behavior with the administrative team and receptionist is evaluated unknowingly. If you seem to be arrogant and unfriendly they may not count you in even though your skills match their requirement.
  • Not following their instructions can be one of the reasons. If recruiters have asked you to carry certain proofs and documents please ensure you have them handy without any excuses. Otherwise, this will reflect your careless attitude.
  • Mismatch of your qualifications and job position can confuse the recruiters whether you actually want this job or it’s a temporary thing for you. Studied advertising and applying for a HR job will leave the recruiters in a fix as to what is motivating you to apply for the HR job. Ensure your answer convinces them.
  • Practical test that you are assigned is not up to the mark. In most fields there are onsite tests to judge the skills and creativity personally. Hence, give your best shot while attempting for the given job interview sample test.


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