Overcome the Challenges of Recruiting the Right Candidate

Face the Recruiting Obstacles to Seek the Best Talent

  As compared to the previous times, the current scenario states that recruiters are facing difficulties in short listing candidates with a right set of qualifications. The initial job screening process has become very time consuming as job seekers post innumerable applications for a single role. On an average, it takes a whole working day to scan applications and resumes just for a single opening. Reasons causing recruiters to face this issue is that not many qualified candidates are actively searching for jobs, candidates that fit the bar sometimes don’t suit the budget and remaining ones are very selective in choosing their roles. To put an end to this struggling phase of finding the right candidates, recruiters can adopt the following basic ways to retain qualified candidates:

  • During the face to face round, clarify about the bonus schemes and work benefits that the candidates will receive based on the company policy and employee performance
  • Discuss about the training and mentoring sessions that will enhance the employee skills
  • Display hot openings on your company website describing in depth about the management and the company culture. It should sound credible and welcoming to tap employees with a high potential.
  • Discuss about existing recognized brands that you have been working for. This can build the candidate interest in working for such high level projects.
  • Besides work and company culture also mention about flexible working hours and shuttle services available, if any. Convenience of travelling and suitable working hours can definitely lure employees to stay back in your company.
  • Lastly, present the positive image of your company by informing the candidates about any annual social events, prestigious affiliations or CSR activities that the company is associated with.

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