Outsourcing Opportunities & Outsourced Business

Outsourcing Opportunities & Outsourced Business

Outsourcing to Build Your Business

I was fascinated to read the story of a young girl, just out of high school, who had a successful, profitable business selling purses and other fashion accessories. What did she do? Frankly, she did very little. She didn’t have a factory: The fashion accessories were made elsewhere through outsourcing. She didn’t have a shipping department: The accessories were sent through FedEx to her home and then out to customers. She didn’t have a sales department: the accessories were sold through a website (set up by someone else and managed by third party shopping cart system like the free one offered by Paypal) and to retail outlets by commission-based independent sales people. She didn’t have an accounting department: her income and expenses were managed by an accountant.

So what does she do? She had a vision and she is a good manager and she combined those two skills into a powerful business that has very few up-front expenses.

You can do this too! Don’t feel limited to fashion accessories. Many product-based or service-based businesses are potential outsourcing goldmines. Let me be clear: it’s not a matter of doing less work – the work is just different.

Where do you start? Find a problem to solve or a market niche that wants to buy. Then develop a business plan that has you drawing together the services of several outsourcing companies to allow you to fulfill the need of that market.

Outsourcing as a business

The other option that outsourcing presents is that of being a company that provides outsourced services. If, for example, there is something you do really well that other companies find time consuming or is not their core competency, you have an opportunity to outsource. Some popular, profitable outsourcing opportunities right now include website design, ghostwriting, Internet marketing, graphic design, and telephone sales. These are huge because of two reasons: there is a growing emphasis on entrepreneurship, and the Internet has allowed the average person to start and automate a business.

The result is that there are plenty of people interested in making money by owning a business and they know that they can make money online. They may have a product or service they can provide but they can’t design their own site, add content, promote the site online, and sell products over the phone: these are important functions but not what they do well.

That means you can find a service you do well and offer it as an outsource opportunity to businesses.

So where do you start? Determine the services that you do well that other companies might be able to hire you for. Make sure you’re knowledgeable in industry lingo, the needs of your market, and that you are using industry standard software.

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~Dawn Krovicka