Obama signs jobs bill. What do you think?

Obama signs jobs bill. What do you think?

If you watch or read any news – and I hope you do – then you know legislation about health care is the talk of the town these days. The health bill became the Kate and Jon Gosselin of 2010, except it’s actually important and affects our lives. Lost in the coverage, however, is the jobs bill. Remember that? A while back, the jobs bill was front and center, but lately it isn’t getting the coverage it deserves.

The House passed the bill, and then it went to the Senate. Yesterday, the Senate passed the bill, 68-29.A (If you want to see how your senator voted, look atA this excellent mapA fromA The New York Times.) A President Obama signed the bill into law. Obama said:

A consensus is forming that, partly because of the necessary – and often unpopular — measures we took over the past year, our economy is growing again and we may soon be adding jobs instead of losing them. The job bill I’m signing today is intended to help accelerate this process. (Reuters)

Among the provisions in the bill are tax breaks for small-business owners and Social Security breaks for employers hiring unemployed job seekers. Just how many jobs will be created, if any, is still a topic of much debate right now. Experts (and regular Americans like you and me) wonder whether or not enough jobs will be created to offset the record unemployment rate. Obama seems to understand this and has said this bill isn’t the answer to everything, but rather a step toward recovery,A according to the New York Times.

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~Dawn Krovicka