Ways to Hide New Job Search from Current Employers

Ways to Hide New Job Search from Current Employers

Easy Ways to Hide Your New Job Search from Employers

Know How You Can Keep your Job Search Discrete

Be cautious of your employer while you start a new job search at your current workplace. Act wisely to manage your current tasks so that your  activity remains hidden and doesn’t affect your ongoing work. Don’t give any clear hints that you are looking for a new job. If you get a recruiter’s call in office talk in a soft tone that others can’t hear. Avoid taking resume copies from your office printer. Sudden formal change in your attire can also reflect your intention of meeting new recruiters. Openly posting on Facebook and LinkedIn for new job roles can intimate your fellow colleagues on social media. Browsing career websites from office computer job searches can be risky as you might get caught red handed while applying for jobs and then you won’t have any explanations and excuses to give.

Below are certain ways to keep your new job search hidden and your current job intact:

  • Keep your new job search limited to your personal gadgets such as your own mobile phones and computers.
  • Avoid applying for jobs during peak working hours when there are chances of your colleagues or managers to visit your work station
  • Instead of switching to a new company find out if there are any better opportunities internally in your current company.
  • Take leaves for giving interviews. Don’t always make yourself available for recruiters during your office hours.
  • Be careful about sharing your job search news within your current office
  • Don’t announce that you are looking for a new job on social media

If you truly have plans of quitting the current job then rather than cheating it is better to openly discuss your expectations with your managers. You never know your current company might just reshape your job role and give you a major project.

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