Many Reasons To Use Eresumex

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  • EresumeX provides free resume searches that include the names, numbers and email addresses of the actual person.
  • Resumes are acquired through collaborative efforts with recruiters who have uploaded their resume assets into our database..
  • Recruiters can post unlimited jobs.
  • Publish your jobs on popular social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for free with a single click.
  • Additionally, EresumeX publishes your jobs to our social media network connections. This extends the visibility of your open positions to a larger audience. (Currently over 40,000 twitter followers, over 20,000 face book likes and over 2000 LinkedIn connections)
  • EresumeX will also publish your jobs as a sponsored posting on the world’s largest job portals and for free. This service would normally have a cost if recruiters went directly to and but registered recruiters using EresumeX can post their open positions as sponsored jobs for Free.
  • Our one click mass email feature allows you to send your job requests to popular Google groups.
  • New features include the EX-Link. A unique link to a candidates resume that recruiters can use to fine tune their recruiting efforts and broadcast a resume to a large client base.
  • The EX-API is a powerful new tool that links the EresumeX Job Posting and Resume Management system directly into your website and allows for a company’s open positions to be updated and maintained seamlessly through the EresumeX solution.
Get a leading edge in today’s competitive market. Add EresumeX to your recruitment efforts today!
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