Major EX Factors for Recruiters

Major EX Factors for Recruiters

We’ve been working with a team of recruiters to introduce social recruiting. It’s not unusual, but their biggest fear is the time needed to get started and do some meaningful networking. This is a common problem for desk-based recruiters who have responsibilities for finding jobs and candidates, matching and placing people. Agency recruiters have changing needs in terms of candidates, dictated by their candidates. Unless they are working in a very specific niche, there is less benefit to building a community day by day. At the same time they were quick to recognise the benefit of having a social presence, the question was what they could do with a limited time each day. You want to be present in the channels to attract potential candidates, but you don’t want to just post jobs in to the stream.

Content creation is another challenge. Not everyone is creative, or understands what to post to attract the right audience. The solution to this is to adopt a strategy of curating and sharing. This can be largely automated by utilising RSS feeds from relevant sources, and setting up Google alerts around keywords. Another good source for content in a targeted area is LinkedIn questions and LinkedIn Today. Users set their own filters around topics and get notifications by e-mail when relevant posts are published and questions are asked.

One of the most valuable EX factors ofA EresumeX isthe ability to reach candidates via social media.We help you to take your recruiting effort to an enhanced level by posting your job links to popular social media sites like Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook. As a courtesy Eresumex retweets your jobs to over 25,000 of its followers which keep growing daily, enabling your job.A  It is simple and quick.

I’m confident this will bring good results, and hope that more recruiters start their social journey this way. Once they get results, then I’m sure they will be willing to invest more time in developing their social networks.

As always, you can count on EresumeX as your free job portal for resume search as well as job posting.

~Dawn Krovicka