How to Locate A Perfect Candidate From Free Resume Databases

It’s a step-by-step process! Whether you are a placement agency or a company HR on a voyage of talent search. The moment you key inn some specifications, millions of resumes are there, right on your screen! Virtual world offers you a power to proactively select a perfect candidate. Is it really that easy as it sounds? Let me put some states in front of you. Google itself provides you 100s of sights on entering one key word! Suppose you decide to choose only first page results, as most of us do. Then also you have at least 10 websites having free resume databases, having 1000s of resumes that match your requirement. Scanning each one cannot be an intelligent step. Smart working is this generation’s speciality. So…be smart. Follow the steps given below and find a perfect candidate from many free resume databases.

Use applicant tracking system: ATS takes the pain out! Though it’s a robot, it’s a good starting tool. It saves your time of scanning countless irrelevant resumes and provides one-click access to applicants who perfectly match your requirement.

Choose accomplishment based key-words: As we all know robots can’t judge, they just follow instructions. While using application tracking system, one has to be very careful with key word that needs to be entered. Instead of using job requirements, type the accomplishment based keywords. Accomplishments are achievements, this way you are automatically choosing achievers.

Scan Social Media sights for a better insight: Once you have your list ready, now is the time to judge them in 360 degrees. Visit their social media presence. Though from their resume one can judge their academic and work skills, their social media appearance may help you judge them as a person. Being a good human being is the first and foremost requirement of any job.

Tap your employee network: Reference through existing employees is one of the most popular trends in the recruitment industry. Your existing employee is the best mediator as he knows both the sides of the coin very well.

A face-to-face meeting has to be decisive: Once an interview date is decided, it’s time to arrange a panel. Along with knowledge judge their smartness. Believe me it is a ‘must’ survival factor in the world. Let your panel have multi-skilled professionals, so that you can thoroughly analyse the candidate.

Build your interview:   Interviewing is all about being focused listener and strong analyser. Let them talk more; keep your questions revolving around knowledge and experience. Engage with the candidate by asking some personal questions like their hobbies and interests.

Here is a bonus thought before closing! On your company website, add a tab on the very front page, which encourage candidates to drop in their CVs. You may get your Mr. Perfect through this!

A company is actually defined by its employees. Only perfect employees can build a perfectly stable and high rising structure. So talent identification is that first step of the success ladder. Get it right. Be firm on your grip, by choosing a perfect candidate for your organisation. Wish you a great success in finding ‘the Right Fit’