10 Things You Should Know About Job Portal

10 Things You Should Know About Job Portal

Job Portal is a platform that joins recruiters and the job seekers to complete their goals and requirements. Recruiters look for a right candidate who has the right qualification to handle the responsibilities efficiently. On the other  hand, job seekers want a job where they can apply their skills and knowledge to grow their professional career. Sending job applications through employment portals is a quicker way to get the right candidate.

But the selection of right recruitment portal is very important. Check out the things you should know about the job portal.

  1. Free or Paid

Many people don’t pay to the job portals as they are not financially set especially if they are freshers. But at the same time experienced candidate pay due to quality service of the recruitment portal. Many portals are paid by the company if they help them in hiring a good candidate.

  1. Top companies listed

Best job portals are tied up with the top companies to give the best job to the potential candidates. Candidates always look for the best recruiters.

  1. Quality Service

Quality employment portals provide better results and satisfaction by resume writing services and uploading it as per requirement. Provides regular job alerts to the job seekers.

  1. Easy Registration

Nobody likes complicated process on the employment portal so candidate should be able to register in few steps.

  1. Social Media Presence

Portal should have a section to update the social media links to see the job seekers skills or social circles. It should have the facility to link the social media accounts especially professional accounts like LinkedIn.

  1. Current Openings

Best job portals always show the current openings on the daily basis. So that candidates apply on them till they get placed.

  1. Training Material

Portal should provide the regular training material or resources to improve the skills of the job seeker to get the best job. Training can help them to be selected by the top organization.

  1. Reputation

Check the testimonials and social network pages about what people are saying about it and if they have good fan following and reputation.

  1. Blog/ Advice page

Portal should have a blog page to give an advice or tips to the job seekers. This will help them to face the interviews, mistakes to be avoided, latest trends in the industry

  1. Mobile App

It should have the mobile app for the convenience of the job seeker to check it anywhere anytime. This will help both the job seeker and job portal to  keep the account active.

Hope these 10 things will help you to choose the best job portal to build your professional career.