Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Job Application Mistakes

Ensure you are noticed for the right reasons when you apply for jobs. Keep yourself updated with common job application mistakes that each one of us has repeated at some point in time while applying for jobs. The interview is not the first step to accomplishing a given target. Drafting a sensible job application is more important than a face to face interview. The right application has the power to push you towards your career goals. Hence, be wise enough to skip job application mistakes that might prohibit you from getting selected in a job interview.

Following are certain common job application mistakes that you should be aware of while a taking a leap in your career:

  • Complete the job application form as directed. Incomplete applications with spelling and grammatical mistakes will leave a bad impression to the recruiter.
  • Instead of just mentioning that you are open for any available position mention about specific goals and skills that can benefit the organization.
  • Avoid posting long resumes that consists of irrelevant information. Limit the length of your resume to maximum two pages.
  • If not prompted to reveal salary details do not give details about previous and current salaries.
  • Ensure your job application is clipped with well structured cover letter and resume. In some cases, portfolio showcasing previous work is also demanded. Present your impressive work instead of attaching all the files.
  • If exact dates are not mentioned in the resume then this can leave the recruiter in a doubt as you are not sure of your joining and leaving dates. It also reflects an irresponsible and forgetful attitude towards your job and employers.

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