Fiscal prudence is a foundational part of EresumeX and is a strong indicator that the shareholders of the company are able to manage and expand during an economy that is challenged.

As a startup company we have drawn the best talent to take the company to the next level. However we also know that for EresumeX to keep the best talent and expand into a national market we need investors who can be part of our growth.

Investors who are forward thinkers and strong leaders of commerce.
We need investors who can help us establish our brand in a competitive environment and also provide a network that will give us a foothold inside the industries that we serve.

EresumeX will be a vital resource for the recruiting community but will also be a guiding solution for millions of citizens who are striving for better employment.

We hope you can be a part of the EresumeX community.
EresumeX The Resume Portal With EX Factor.