Introduce EresumeX to your town

Introduce EresumeX to your town

Introduce EresumeX to your town.
Job Hunters can search our extensive job / career database and/or post a resume making it viewable to millions of employers for FREE!!! Employers and Recruiters can search our extensive resume database and/or post a job opportunity making it viewable to millions of possible employees for free. That’s right FREE job postings!!!

Q. What makes EresumeX stand out from other job portals? What are the EX Factors?

A. The EX factors of Eresumex include the following features:

Recruiters can search and download for free as many resumes they need each month*.

Send mass emails to candidates
Remain a step ahead in your recruiting efforts to source the right candidate. You can send bulk email to the list of candidates identified by your search result.

Search or Add Feedback
Check on what other recruiters are saying about a candidate and you can even write your experience on the candidates for others to review. Valid feedback on the candidate helps the recruiter decide with more confidence that the candidate is a good fit before submitting them to the job.

Post jobs
Recruiters can add unlimited jobs at no cost using our easy to create job template. You can post any 5 active job at any time and can easily active/deactivate your job with easy to use toggle switch.

Post the jobs on social media sites.
Take your recruiting efforts to an enhanced level by posting your job links to popular social media sites like LinkedIn (including various registered groups), Twitter or Facebook. As a courtesy Eresumex re-tweets your jobs to over 10,000’s of its followers which keep on growing daily enabling your job. Eresumex development is also adding other social networking methods to expand the reach of your recruiting efforts.

Resume collaboration (upload – most popular feature)
When recruiters collaborate everyone wins. The upload feature allows recruiters to easily upload resumes they have received that might be sitting dormant in their database or email folders. With recruiter collaboration the Eresumex database grows and helps everyone to source and present better profiles for their requirement. For eg. if each recruiters add a minimum of 100 resumes everyone then with 1000 like-minded recruiters you can have access to a new resume database of 100,000 resumes every month. within a short time EresumeX can become your prime database for sourcing resumes. Also when recruiters leave or change jobs they don’t need to carry resumes they have sourced its already available to them at their new job.

Q: What is your pricing information? How much does it cost?

A: is FREE to recruiters and job seekers. There is no charge to post a resume, post job(s), search through the resumes, search through the jobs, or create a job alert.

Q: How can EresumeX be free?

A: NOTHING IS FREE! The costs of development, maintenance and marketing are completely sponsored by corporate America.  There is a huge gap between the resources needed and the resources available for job seekers and employers.  EresumeX was created as part of an initiative to get 1 million people back to work.

Q: Where do you get your resumes?

A: The resumes in the database are entered by job seekers, recruiting firms and other HR professionals who are collaborating their assets and finding the best candidates for the open positions available across America.

Q: I love, how can I support it?

A: There are actually two things you can do: 1) Continue using and encourage others to upload their resumes and fill out a candidate profile.  2) Connect with us on social networks.(Click on the social networking icons to the right)

You can count on EresumeX as your free job portal.

*(Search and download up to 1500 resumes per month)