In-Demand Skilled Trade Jobs And How To Get ‘Em (Part 6)

In-Demand Skilled Trade Jobs And How To Get ‘Em (Part 6)

Ever glance at a home or car repair bill and think to yourself, “I’m in the wrong line of work!”? If so, it’s with good reason. Skilled tradespeople who can build, repair or maintain equipment that most lay people cannot do on their own can rake in the big bucks, especially if they build their talents up enough to take the entrepreneurial small business route. What’s more is that despite the high unemployment rate, skilled workers are hard to come by and therefore always in high demand.

Aviation Maintenance

The training:A To fly high in an aviation maintenance technician career, the best starting point is to attend one of the 170 Aviation Maintenance Technician schools certified by the FAA. Doing so will mean that you’ll have to complete 1,900 class hours, over the course of one to two years. Some students also choose to pursue two-year or four-year degrees in avionics, aviation technology, or aviation maintenance management.

The career path:A Most airline mechanics and service technicians work at major airports near large cities, while civilian mechanics may work for the U.S. Armed Forces at military bases and locations.

Licensing 411:A Being an FAA-certified mechanic is a must if you wish to work in this field. For starters, most airlines will only hire mechanics that have FAA certification. Mechanics who choose to apply for an airframe or power plant certificate will need to work for at least 18 months first; for a combined A&P certificate, 30 months of experience is required. Mechanics also must take at least 16 hours of training every two years to keep their certificates current.

Employment opportunities:A Employment is expected to increase by 7 percent during the 2008-2018 period, which is about as fast as the average for all occupations.

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~Dawn Krovicka