In-Demand Skilled Trade Jobs And How To Get ‘Em (Part 3)

In-Demand Skilled Trade Jobs And How To Get ‘Em (Part 3)

Ever glance at a home or car repair bill and think to yourself, “I’m in the wrong line of work!”? If so, it’s with good reason. Skilled tradespeople who can build, repair or maintain equipment that most lay people cannot do on their own can rake in the big bucks, especially if they build their talents up enough to take the entrepreneurial small business route. What’s more is that despite the high unemployment rate, skilled workers are hard to come by and therefore always in high demand.

Auto Mechanic

The training:A Because of the complexities of automotive technology, formal training is more important than ever. For many, that training begins during high school, or at a technical school that specializes in automotives. Post-secondary automotive technician training programs are naturally more intense, and can take from six months to a year to complete. There’s also the option to pursue a community college program, which awards a certificate or an associate degree.

The career path:A As with many skilled labor positions, you’ll likely start your career by working under more experienced automotive technicians, either in private businesses, or at automobile dealerships. Some automobile manufacturers and franchised dealers sponsor two-year associate degree programs in which students alternate their weeks between full-time classes and full-time work in the service departments.

Licensing 411:A While there isn’t a specific state licensing exam, ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification has practically become a requirement for finding work as a mechanic. There are eight types of certifications, each of which focus on a specializations such as engine repair or brake systems. Each certification requires at least two years of experience and a passing grade on an examination. To attain the ASE Master Automobile Technician certification, technicians must pass all eight exams.

Employment opportunities:A While the numbers indicate only a 5 percent projected increase in job opportunities through 2018 (because of the struggling auto market), automotive techs can set themselves apart and speed past the job competition by earning certifications.

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~Dawn Krovicka