How Do We Beat The Recession?

How Do We Beat The Recession?

How Do We Beat The Recession?

The first step to take for beating today’s recession is to be proactive and not reactive.

Passivity will lead one into unemployment and trouble.

There is a mindset in the western world, and it goes something like this:

  • Go to high school
  • If possible, go to college
  • Get a good job with benefits
  • Work your way up in that job — relying on that company to “take care of you”
  • If something goes wrong, collect unemployment and look for another job
  • If necessary, go back and get more education
  • Get a good job with benefits
  • ….and on from there

This mindset must be replaced. While loyalty is commendable, it needs to work both ways. The mid-20th century model of working for a single company for 30-40 years has largely faded.

The 21st century economy is now global, fast-moving, and numbers-driven. Rather than rebel against this (as many do), it’s better to study the economy, understand it, and then strategically adapt to it. EresumeX — The Job Portal with EX-Factor considers the challenges of today’s recession as an opportunity to grow. Recruiters are looking for the best talent and registrants at can stay ahead of the game. The thing about recessions is that they can build character, then can drive individuals to learn new skills.A  I could go on and on. The key for beating the recession as stated before is to be proactive and not reactive.

Here’s a little tip that we all can adopt today.A  Look forA  “multiple streams” of income, added together the little $$ mount up. It boils down to not putting all the eggs in one basket. A person should not thiEresumeX - The Job Portal With Ex-Factor Logonk of himself as an employee to a single company, but rather as an entrepreneur looking to maximize income

Through hard work, self-discipline, creative thinking, and a sound plan, an individual or family can beat a recession.

As always, you can count on EresumeX as your number 1 free job portal!

Article adapted by Sean Abley
Author:Brian Tubbs