Highlight the Best Side of Your Profession To Fetch Great Jobs

Showcase Your Strong Skills and Outshine Your Competitors

Job search is a tedious process that involves a lot of ground work including creation of professional resumes, cover letters and filling job application forms. Being highly qualified doesn’t guarantee 100% response rate. Hence, if you want to increase the number of calls per day ensure your skills and experience is highlighted well in the resume and cover letter. Optimize your profile with relevant keywords so that it is easily searchable and reachable to the recruiters. Also, tweak your resume based on the type of industry. For instance, applying for a creative job demands certain traits of creativity that makes your resume different from the crowd. Besides resumes, keep your professional social accounts updated with strong skills and experience. This will form a positive consistent image of you as professional. Read through the below reliable ways of getting job-related calls as soon as you post your resume:

  • Don’t underestimate the power of niche career websites. Submitting resumes in various other job portals can take you closer to great job openings and you can make the most of such opportunities as there is less competition.
  • Customize your resume based on the job requirements. Pick key skills from your master resume to create multiple targeted resumes matching different roles.
  • Avoid using the same profile for all requirements.
  • Highlight important aspects of your career that quickly grab recruiter’s attention
  • Applying for jobs on career sites is passive job seeking. Be an active job seeker. Take charge of getting in touch with relevant recruiters. Either call them personally or drop a mail on their personal email ids.
  • Being over qualified can also be one of the reasons in delaying recruiter response. Based on the role you are applying for remove the extra points that are more than required for that job.

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