Get Your Business Passion Back

Get Your Business Passion Back

It’s 9/11 day that still sparks chilling memories in most of us. The terrorist attacks on that day prompted so many of us to revisit our hopes and dreams, and to think more deeply about what we really want out of life.

As an entrepreneur reading this post, you’ve already achieved one major goal you wanted from life: starting your own business and succeeding. But in today’s economy, running a small business is tough–and sometimes your passion for it can falter. If that’s the case for you, take some time for yourself and recharge your passion for your business. Here’s how to get started.

Think back.A Why did you start your business in the first place? Was it to be your own boss, make more money, travel the world? Did you have an idea that wouldn’t let you sleep until you expressed it your own way? Maybe you remember your business inspiration like it was yesterday–or maybe your reasons are buried under mundane daily tasks like answering e-mail and tracking your travel expenses. Either way, think back until you’ve unearthed your initial motivation.

Assess your business goals.A What goals did you set when you first started your business? Have you achieved them, surpassed them or fallen short? Have you updated your goals lately? How have they changed?

Relive a day.A What’s a typical day like for you in your business? How much time do you spend doing each of the many duties you’re responsible for? (If you can’t remember a typical day, try keeping track of everything you do for a week or so.) What percentage of the day is spent doing stuff you love? Stuff you hate? Stuff you’re great at? Stuff you stink at?

Now ask yourself.

Is your business giving you what you want?A It may not be meeting all of the needs that inspired you to start it in the first place, but is it meeting the needs that matter to you now? If not, what could you change to get those needs met?

Do your business goals still make sense?A Are they realistic or not? Are they big enough to challenge you, or so big they defeat you before you even start? Are they really your goals, or are they your investors’ or your spouse’s? Have you let someone else hijack what you set out to accomplish?

Is your typical day fulfilling?A If every day at your business feels like going to get a root canal, something needs to change. What can you do to ensure you’re spending time doing more of what you love and less of what you hate? Maybe you need to hire more people or outsource some work. Perhaps you could take on a business partner or form a strategic partnership with another business. Maybe you need to sit down with your partners and key managers and reassess the division of labor. Or maybe you just need to say “no” more often or actually take a weekend off.

For most of us, there’s nothing we’d rather do than run our own businesses. But sometimes, we get so buried in the day-to-day grind of getting where we want to go that we forget to make sure we’re still on the right path to our destination. If your business doesn’t give you a charge anymore, you need to figure out how you can recharge your batteries. As today reminds us, life is too short to waste.

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~Dawn Krovicka