The A – Z of Free Resume Databases

The A – Z of Free Resume Databases

Talent acquisition lifecycle starts with the initial candidate identification step. I firmly believe in technology when it comes to talent identification. Free resume databases is one such place where you can hunt for available talent in the industry. You can find many hiring profiles there. Research them carefully, spend enough amount of time, and locate exactly the person that you are looking for. Today most of the employers use standard technology to track or organise resumes from the free resume databases, known as applicant tracking systems (ATS). If you are an applicant looking to hunt for a job through application tracking systems, you need to design your resume with deep research and details. Follow certain guidelines so that it has a standard readable format; at the same time add some points that will help you stand out in the mass applicant mob.

Before we start with the list of facts about free resume databases, get one thing very clear in your mind, you are dealing with a robot and not a human eye. Application tracking system is software used by recruiters to shortlist relevant profiles.

Smart Design

The hiring managers search the pool of applications using keywords. Go through their job description, find out the key words that they are looking for and update your resume accordingly. Use of industry related keywords surely help you cross the robot eye!

Specific Design

Customised is the recent marketing strategy. There is no harm in using it for your job hunt process. If you want to reach a human eye, crossing this robot barrier is must, but only restriction is no flaunting at all!

Font and Format does matter

Writing an ATS friendly application is an art. Practice that art in order to get your commerce going! Avoid uncommon fonts as ATS scanner may not read them. Standard file formats like .doc, .docx works great.

Hiring Managers are also smart!

Don’t underestimate the experience of managerial people. They know ATS more than you do. Key word stuffing may get noticed and the result you can guess. Your resume may reach the top of the charts but at the end of the day it’s cheating, and that surely is not the first impression that you want to make.

Resume design is the key

Once your resume ranks at the top of the list and recruiter opens it, he/she never reads it in detail. They just read the words pulled out by ATS. ATS has different database fields like, candidate’s name, qualification, experience etc. It will categorise the information on the resume according to these fields. If your resume is not formatted in a readable pattern then ATS may not pull out relevant information. Some of the important information may go missing in that case.

No tables or graphics please!

Application tracking systems read tables from up and down instead of left to right. So great chances are your tabled data may get misread. And they don’t understand graphic representations, so better you avoid both.

Though all the above made points are correct and can help you top the free resume databases, the best tool is a well-formatted resume. Tailor it according to the job description and you are more likely to go through the application management system. All the best!