Clever Ways to Find a Job

Break Through the Clutter to Get the Best Jobs
As always the competition is fierce in the job market. There are hundreds of job seekers making efforts for a single coveted position. However, there are some who stand out of the crowd to bag jobs by clever and creative means. Taking a creative approach can be dicey but if used wisely it can also leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. If you want to be creative keep a balance of intelligence and innovation that will assure the interviewer that you are actually serious for the given opportunity. Not all industry types will accept the unconventional way of getting jobs. For instance, an advertising agency may like the unusual things you perform in the interview room while a lawyer would not appreciate such informal acts during an interview.

If you are aware that there are already 50 applicants for the desired position then take few minutes to self analyze yourself as to what makes you different from others in the Que. For employers, all resumes look the same ensure your resume is created with a difference that will force the interviewer to get more knowledge about you.

If this is too hard then try the social media way. Create a targeted ad on Facebook highlighting your skill sets and qualifications. Posting this ad is very affordable and it will definitely help you in building some good professional networks. An after interview strategy can also help. If you have posted some great piece of your skill on YouTube then don’t wait to share that link with your interviewer as a part of a follow up strategy.

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