Know Why Cover Letters are Important for a Right Job Search

Cover letter is simply an introductory letter that describes your resume in a gist. Many job applicants may not consider cover letters as an important attachment. However, a thoughtful and a well written cover letter can be a plus point to your job hunt strategy. Recruiters consider cover letters as an important element while evaluating job candidates. Hence, ensure you submit a well constructed cover letter along with your resume.

Wondering how different is a cover letter from a resume! Understand creating cover letters doesn’t mean you create a replica of your resume. Instead, cover letters should reflect your strong selling points and direct recruiters attention to your professional history in a snap shot. Consider certain points that a cover letter can achieve over a resume. For instance, elaborate on why you want this particular job. Highlight your skills and experience that would match the requisites of the position. Sound like a real person that would be an ideal fit into the company culture. This means don’t use very formal words that would make the cover letter redundant or a copied version of some online cover letter. Just to underline your recognition from your past work places, you may mention certain quotes that your seniors have mentioned about your work. Don’t forget to mention how you will benefit the company and the reason why you want to work with them. Below are certain points that you might count while creating a winning cover letter:

  • In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and mention the relevant position you are applying for
  • Create not more than a one page cover letter and format it correctly
  • Showcase your key accomplishments and expertise
  • Avoid using cover letter templates. Try creating an original layout.
  • Close the letter with enthusiasm stating that you are looking forward to their response


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