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10 Things You Should Know About Job Portal

Job Portal is a platform that joins recruiters and the job seekers to complete their goals and requirements. Recruiters look for a right candidate who has the right qualification to handle the responsibilities efficiently. On the other  hand, job seekers want a job where they…

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The bizzare truths behind a Job Search

A picture perfect job- good timings, lots of leaves, flexibility, a fat salary package with amazing incentives & bonus’ and lastly- a boss who agrees to everything you say! Isn’t that anything less than a ‘dream job’ for everyone today? Sadly, all we come across…

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Introduce EresumeX to your town

Introduce EresumeX to your town. Job Hunters can search our extensive job / career database and/or post a resume making it viewable to millions of employers for FREE!!! Employers and Recruiters can search our extensive resume database and/or post a job opportunity making it viewable…

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