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5 Fundamental Skills You Need To Develop

5 Fundamental Skills You Need To Develop: What is a skill?A  Simply put, it is being able to do a certain task. [pullquote align=”left”]To get us started. Having good people skills means that you can get along well with others.[/pullquote] [divider top=”0″] Skills areA learn-able. You…

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6 Employment Realities.

6 Employment Realities. [pullquote align=”left”]Businesses who responded to a state of employment market poll said there is a shortage of new employees who want to enter a corporate position.[/pullquote] [divider top=”0″] How it used to be: How it is today Workers had one career their…

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Relationships Change

Relationships Change [pullquote align=”left”]If you are older than 32 and have had the privilege of working successive jobs since you left school you will have seen huge changes with the relationships that exist between employer and employee.[/pullquote] [divider top=”0″] If you are older than 32…

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Your Guide To Creating a Great Resume

Your Guide To Creating a Great Resume. [pullquote align=”left”]A resume may be delivered by mail, fax or e-mail, posted to an Internet resume bank or even hand carried. More employers have been requiring that resumes be sent electronically.[/pullquote] [divider top=”0″] It is best to use…

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