A Recruiter’s Perspective: Job Boards and Career Websites

A Recruiter’s Perspective: Job Boards and Career Websites

If you’re looking for a job, you’re probably using job boards and social networking sites. Having an online presence is an effective way to find a new post, but with the overwhelming amount of sites available, and the millions of potential candidates squeezed in next to you, how can you leverage these sites to secure your next position? As recruiters, we have a unique perspective on the hiring process. We know what employers are looking for, where they look and why they choose certain people. Here are some insider tips for making these sites work for you.

Building Your Brand

Every post, profile, picture or tweet you put online is a reflection of you. Job boards and social media sites allow you to reach thousands of potential employers. How do you want to position yourself to this audience? What do you want to communicate? Is there anything online that you don’t want hiring managers to see (an unflatteringA FacebookA picture or a blog bashing your former colleagues)? You want to present a consistent, professional brand online to attract top employers.

Utilizing Job Boards

The key to using job boards is to set yourself apart. Your online resume should containA searchable key wordsA as well as list specific accomplishments and experience and include accurate dates and company names. Avoid general terms, wishy-washy language and vague dates. This is your “first impression” for many hiring managers – make it a good one.

Leveraging Social Media Sites

Although there are several social media sites on the web,A LinkedInA has emerged as the leader in professional networking, with more than 120 million members. If you’re looking for a job, connect with EresumeX on LinkedIn. Think of your profile as an “extended resume,” where you can list your work experience, jobs, skills and accomplishments and a photo. Make sure to keep your profile consistent with what’s included on your resume and/or posted on job boards. It is important to keep your profile current by frequently updating your experience and recommendations. You don’t want it to be outdated.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site. The advantage is that there is a built-in network of millions of users. When you post a job on Facebook, we will share your post with our connections as well.

Many professionals also useA TwitterA for professional networking. Although tweets can’t give your resume direct exposure to hiring managers and recruiters, with the right tweets, you can build a following on Twitter and can follow others in your industry. As a courtesyA to ourA recruiters, we RETWEET your job listings on Twitter as well.

Regardless of which sites you use to find your next job, it is important to remember that you are building your brand and, ultimately, selling yourself. Raise yourself above the noise and attract attention by fine-tuning your resume and keeping your information current and consistent. By staying active online, you can be on your way to landing your dream job.

As always, you can count on EresumeX as your free job and resume portal!

~Dawn Krovicka