5 Easy steps to get an edge over the competition.

5 Easy steps to get an edge over the competition.

5 Easy steps to get an edge over the competition.

There are so many activities in our lives that we take complete control of. We always make sure that we have our bases covered. Consider for a moment the strategic day to day planning of parents with demanding schedules and mouths to feed.A  Its like they are in a competition and 1st is all they will accept (Good for them). There are times, however, when control is taken away from us and we have the dilemma upon us of unemployment.
If you find yourself in this situation and want to take back control by getting suitable employment here are 5 steps to get an edge over the competition.

Step 1. Be strategic in your job search.

Most people spend more time planning a vacation than planning a job search. As you follow these simple activities you will be surprised by how your search will be so much more productive.
Have a dedicated space in your home away from the TV or other distracting elements so you can be fully focused as you search. Set aside a pre-determined amount of time each day so you can effectively research for your desired job opportunities. Use a system of tracking what you have applied for and keep that information up to date.A A resume managementA tool can be a great way for you to track your searches. Finally, and this might sound a little naïve, expect to have success as you put into action a strategy such as this.

Step 2. Make sure you know your marketable value. (Don’t inflate it!!)

Never disclose your salary requirements — always get the employer to name the salary or range first. For this reason you must research and assess your value in the marketplace. This way A you’ll be able to negotiate effectively later. The time to talk money is when the employer has made it clear that you are their top candidate, and after they make an offer.

Conversations about the salary can get weird if you are unsure of you market value and it is easy for even the experienced job seekers to make mistakes during this portion of interview. By learning how to deal with these real stumbling blocks from the beginning your conversations about money will be smooth and productive.

Step 3. Get professional help. (No I’m not talking about a “Shrink”!)

You hire an attorney to create an estate plan; a plumber to resolve water problems; a mechanic to fix your car. Oh, a “Shrink” will help you through emotional distress. So why would you not invest in professional help with your job search? There are Career Coaches that can be found in the yellow pages or you can find resources at the local chambers of commerce. There are centers for skills development that are government or corporate sponsored so you can fine tune your talents. Other resources can be found at universities, non-profit organizations and even job shadowing at a corporate office.

Step 4. Be selective of who is involved with your job searches.

Don’t let others take over your control. Working with a small selection of professional recruiters can serve an important role in your search. Use a resume management resource such as theA EresumeX solution. This will help you maintain control and work with recruiters that specialize in your interests and will be more inclined to proactively represent you.

Step 5. Be overly prepared for the job interview.

It amazes me how many horror stories there are of people just being completely under prepared or in extreme cases, not prepared at all. Would you go to get your teeth fixed by a back street operator who alleges they have been certified by an online university? Yes, I know it’s a silly example but you know what I’m getting at.

Job interviews are comprised of six basic elements: conveying your knowledge of the company, articulating your own value (be convinced of your own value — everyone can tell if your remarks are just some well-rehearsed mantra.) Ask intelligent questions, don’t use the “same old same old!” Be creative. Be confident as you negotiate compensation (don’t be too quick with this one), finally follow through with any call to action. All of these items need to be rehearsed. Be sure to do extensive research on the company and the interviewer ahead of time to insure this isn’t going to be a back street vendor this is someone who really does have credentials.

Remember these 5 steps to get the edge over the competition and get back to being in control of your life.