4 Ways To Know…

4 Ways To Know…

4 ways to know if you have a target on your back.

I think we all have had a time in our career when we have felt backed up in a corner and know we have a target on our back.A  We feel insecure about the work we perform even though we do a pretty good job.A  It seems that you are being targeted for a quick exit from the company.A  Why? Well you might suck at your work.A  You might deserve to be fired because of your inability to fulfill your job requirements.

Your colleagues avoid eye contact with you and they choose not to associate with you as much as they can. At first you might think it’s because you have said something to offend them.A  Maybe you are being too loud on the phone.A  Are you obnoxious and a know it all?A  You don’t know what their problem is so you get on with your work.

[pullquote align=”left”]Many people view a lack of direct eye contact as a sign of dishonesty. Often liars have trouble looking others in the eye when they are telling a falsehood.[/pullquote] Even if you are being truthful, especially when making a claim or promise, continually or consistently looking around and avoiding direct eye contact makes it seem as though you are being evasive or untruthful. A firm, level gaze displays a directness, confidence and sincerity that others perceive positively.

Colleagues will keep conversations with you as short as possible.A  Why?A  You wonder if you have a hygiene problem.A  Do they think you are boring?A  Are you being pretentious when you speak with others? Hmmmmnnn.A  You still don’t know what their problem is so you get on with your work.
[pullquote align=”left”]When it comes to the workplace, some people have absolutely no morals. Also, the motivation to get ahead can cause some of these co-workers to step on your toes and stab you in the back.[/pullquote]

Your colleagues make a point of being overly supportive and verbally acknowledge your managing superiors before you do.A  They are typically very submissive to the ideas of the management.A  However, they are very productive and work well as a team and usually meet the project deadlines.A  You are a team player too.A  You work hard, too and you are always pushing to improve the way things can be done around the office.“Aahhh!” there’s the difference. You are not very submissive.A  You question the validity of the management ideas occasionally and you are constantly seeking for ways to improve the processes.

Upper management notices that you are different than the others.A  They notice that your commitment for the growth of the company is different from your colleagues. They see how you are set apart from the crowd and how inadvertently your colleagues have made a platform for which you can articulate your views and suggestions.A  They want to talk to you.A  They want to give you a promotion in to the executive office.

You have been caught with a target on your back.A  The arrows of office politics have been shot at you from behind and you dodged them.

[pullquote align=”left”]You must remember that actions are the best vehicle for receiving a promotion. Determination and plenty of patience are needed where promotions at the work place are concerned. [/pullquote] Often, those who are impatient and obsess about a promotion are those that are most unlikely to receive it. So stop obsessing about a promotion and just do a good job and you’ll soon be recognized for it.

You have now learned some of the tell-tale signs that you have a target on your back.

But wait a minute; you have just received a promotion.A  That target has just grown significantly.A  This time you will play the game a little differently.A  Let someone else have the target on their backs for a season or two.A  Only this time, give that person some support, after all there is a good chance that the new person with the target on their back has a good chance of an executive promotion at the top of the tree. Guess whom they are going to take with them to the top?

Yep you guessed it… YOU!!!