25 Percent of Job Seekers Plan to Use Recruiters in Job Search

25 Percent of Job Seekers Plan to Use Recruiters in Job Search

We keep hearing encouraging news in terms of the U.S. economy showing signs of stabilization.A 48 percent of workers who were laid off from full-time jobs in the last three months have found new full-time positions Recruiter.

We found out that in an effort to use every option in finding a job, almost 25 percent of job seekers plan to use a recruiter in the next quarter. The study included over 5,200 hiring managers and over 9,000 workers.

Here is some key information from the study relevant to job seekers:

  • Nearly 25 percent ofA  job seekers say they plan to use a staffing or recruiting firm as part of their job search this quarter.
  • Of those not currently using a staffing firm, more than half indicate they would if they were still searching three months from now.
  • 34 percent of job candidates in theA technical,A ITA andA scientificA sector continue to be most open to utilizing a staffing firm in their job search.
  • Industrial employees seem most hesitant regarding the use of a staffing firm, with four-in-fiveA  saying they are not willing to consider working with a staffing firm as part of their search.

Time Spent In Job Search Varies By Industry
Active job seekers say they’ve spent more than four months in their current job search on average and the median job seeker started to search roughly 90 days ago, according to survey participants.

Of those included in the study,A nursesA andA .NetA developers reported the shortest job searches, at between 50 and 70 days (roughly two months) looking, or half as long as the typical job seeker.A A Data entry operatorA andA call center employeesA had the longest job searches with 138 and 150 days.

The survey also includes some interesting findings from the study in terms of employers, such as 13 percent of hiring managers say they expect to use a staffing firm over the next three months. Of those, nearly one-in-10 expect to utilize a staffing firm to help in their search forA full-timeA employees in the upcoming months.

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~Dawn Krovicka