10 Things You Need To Know About Job Placement Process Today

10 Things You Need To Know About Job Placement Process Today

Being an expert is one thing and getting placed at right is another. There are two parts of job placement process. One is the employee and another is the employer. A best match can produce outstanding result. But a mismatch can be a disaster! An employer also needs perfectly job ready profile, in order to effectively reach their goal. EresumeX works to provide best talent to its placement partners, and also get an individual into his/her dream job.

Here are some must-know facts about job placement process for candidates with right competencies and strong potential. Human potential is the most crucial part for the growth of any business. To hire best talent in the industry recruiters are following certain ‘ab’-norms? Though some of them are quite common, some will surely surprise you.

First timers may suffer: If you are the very first candidate, 80% chances are you may get rejected. Not because you are not up to the mark, just because they want to scan more.

Photograph – not quite excepted on CV: According to a study 85% is the job rejection rate if one has a photograph on their CV, surprising isn’t it? Though there is no such logical explanation available, this is just a statistics observed.

Social media presence is a must: Up to 2011 it was optional. One can have it but not a must parameter. But today when we have almost entered 2017, it is a must! 89% businesses plan their candidate hunt through social media, and most of them study your social media profile just after going through your CV.

Grammatical or spelling mistakes cost a lot: In a job placement process, your CV and cover letter plays vital role. They are the one who creates your first impression. Any spelling or grammatical mistake will lead them towards a wastepaper basket.

Simple professional e-mail address: There is a good possibility that employers are flooded with applications after publishing an opening. There are only 17% chances that your cover letter will be read. Due to the major time constraints, simple looking things also leave their impact. One of them is complicated or unprofessional e-mail address. Keep it simple!

How to follow up an interview: Too many mails and they may feel you are desperate, and if you don’t ask anything they may feel you are not interested. Send a brief mail, after almost 24 hours of the interview is a best approach I will say.

Salary discussions should be kept for next time: For many hirers salary discussion is not a norm for the very first time. They generally come in picture after selection.

Recruiters have other jobs as well: The hirers have many daily jobs to look after apart from recruitment. This may cause delay in feedback, be patient!

Smartly handle the holidays: Both you and the recruiter have every right to enjoy few days off from work. If there is a delay in feedback, it may be because of the holiday, especially in summer time. And if you are planning to leave for a holiday, don’t forget to share your schedule with them, so if at all they try to contact you and you are not reachable they will understand the actual reason and will contact you once you are back in the city.

Rejections are normal: If at all at the end of the process “NO” is the answer, accept it and walk away gracefully. Apart from your skills there are many factors that may have led them towards this decision. Nothing personal! In around 15% cases candidates are approached again by the company within a years span.

Where ever you are standing in the job placement process, don’t get disappointed, be patient. All the very best for your success.