1 Million People Back To Work

[spacer size=”5″]July 16th 2012 EresumeX opens its doors for business.

As part of a corporate sponsored initiative to get 1 million people back to work EresumeX was created.

Tagged as “The Resume Portal With EX-Factor” this ambitious project aims to remove all barriers for job seekers to find employment and gives recruiting professionals the resources to help job seekers find those positions.

Resume management systems such as the EresumeX solution usually have a price tag.A  The price tag for powerful resume management tools is justifiable as they give recruiters and job seekers the best chance for successful job placement.A  However, the EresumeX solution is available forA NO COSTA to registered users.

On July 16th 2012 EresumeX opens its doors for business giving all recruiting professionals an opportunity to join the initiative and help 1 million people back to work.

Register now by clicking the recruiter or job seeker login buttons at the top of this page.

Start today to make a difference with EresumeX.

EresumeX – “The Resume portal With EX-Factor.”

Sean D Abley


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